Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2008 03:03 PM, CST
We just arrived back at the hospital a couple of hours ago. They will start her chemo tonight at about 7pm. She will get both chemos tonight. One right after the other. One is the most powerful chemo and the chemo that causes to most severe vomiting and naseau. They have to get her up every two hours to urinate cause the chemo will do damage to the bladder if it sits in there.
They will do more chemo tomorrow and hopefully we will hear back from the insurance on whether or not the experimental medicine will be covered.
We were very touched by the story that KSL did on Emmalee's class mates who have shown how much they love, support and care for Emmalee. It is very clear that all of her friends want her better and will do whatever it takes to help her.
We want to thank all those at the school who organized this caring effort and called KSL to alert them of the significant care and compassion that was being shown toward Emmalee. It is truly amazing!
Emm is still a little worried about her hair loss and how she looks. Sometimes she just doesn't want to be seem by anyone and other times she is ok as long as she has a hat on.
Thanks again to everyone for so much love and support. Please pray fervently that this round of chemo will be successful and less traumatic on her body.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2008 05:18 PM, CST
Some of the boys in Emmalee's third grade class shaved their head today to support Emmalee. KSL TV heard about it and is going to do a story tonight at 6:00pm.
We are heading into the hospital tomorrow at 1:30pm to admit her for another round of chemo.
Some other pictures are posted on the love4emmalee site.

There are very few children in the world that are diagnosed with the type of cancer she has. Most adults who have this type of cancer get it because they have developed cirrhosis of the liver or have Hepatitis B. Emmalee has neither. They have no idea why or how children get this cancer.
We took Emmalee to Kara's brothers house where we celebrated Kara's mom's birthday. Krystal and I went to Target and bought Emmalee an outfit to wear. Emmalee saw what Kyrstal was wearing and wanted to look like her. She had a Down vest on with a long sleeve shirt.
Emmalee did really well for the first 10 minutes. She then got tired and had to go lay down. It was good to get her out and she seemed to enjoy seeing her cousins.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2008 04:51 PM, CST
We read Emmalee a lot of the notes on this website, cards and letters yesterday. It makes her feel good that so many people care. She even got emotional hearing some of the comments people have left for her. She misses so many of you and wants so badly to get back to normal. There are times when she feels good and seems back to normal, but those times are few and far between. She does not want to hear any talk about having to go back to the hospital on Tuesday. However, this morning she was in quit a bit of pain and asked to go back to the hospital. Thank goodness for medication that helps her get through these times. The love and support of everyone helps us get through.

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