Saturday, November 08, 2008

Kara stayed the night last night and it was a rough one. Her tests are all showing that she is doing well but she is still in pain. She has been on Morphine like pain meds most of the day today. Something just doesn't seem to be right.

Krystal and I went out and bought her a bunch of hats today. She said she wanted some "crazy" hats, but we couldn't find any. It may be setting in that she has cancer because her hair is gone. She looked in the mirror last night and screamed "I am bald" This was really sad. She did not want her brother to even see her last night. We keep telling her she is beautiful. The picture is of her today in one of her hats.


FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 07, 2008 08:59 PM, CST
The catheter was taken out today and so the only tube she is connected to right now is her central line in her chest where they are feeding her, giving her meds, and drawing blood. Her ammonia level is now normal and her white count is coming up. This basically means she is getting better just in time to start looking at another round of chemo that will again knock her down. We want to be so careful this time so that she does not end up with another infection and back in the hospital between chemos. She will stay in the hospital at least until Monday. She was scheduled for another round of chemo on 10/11. I hope they postpone it at least for another few days so we can get her home and enjoy her feeling good for a few days.

She is feeling better each day, but is still cranky and irritable at times throughout the day. She still complains of being so hungry, but wont drink much. She has graduated to being able to have jello and broth. Just tonight she ate a little jello but refused the broth.

A blog was developed for her by one of her aunts. Caringbridge only allows for a minimal number of photos. So we are going to try to add more photos to this blog over time.

It is


Last night Kara's mom asked Emmalee what she has learned from all this. Emmalee responded "I Know that God loves me and everyone else loves me to"


It is 8pm and Emmalee's cousin who is in cosmetology school came up and cut of most of Emmalee's hair. It has been falling out fairly quickly now and has been itchy to her. I think she looks great! Emmalee is asleep right now so she hasn't seen it yet but knew what we were doing. We had prepared her for this and she was ok with it.

Today was up and down according to the nurses. Kara and I had to work today so we had my parents and a sister in the ward up at the hospital. Everyone has been so willing to help and we are so appreciative. Overall, I think she is better today. She is still not drinking very much, but she keeps saying how hungry she is. She started having bowel sounds today so that is good.

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