Saturday, October 03, 2009

Over the last year I have pondered what I would write on here if Emm died. Well, that time has come and I am not sure what to say. I just want to share a small portion of what transpired. Kara and I rode with her in the ambulance back to our home. I learned later they they did not think she would survive the ambulance ride home. Emmalee just wanted to be in her own home. I think she waited to pass until she could be comfortable in her own home. I had the opportunity to carry her from the gurney to her favorite spot in the house, our couch in the front room. The hospice workers met us here and began talking to us preparing us for what was next. While they were talking to us her breathing slowed and a few minutes later she took her last breath. She died within 20 minutes of being home.

Bitter sweet is the feeling. Glad she is out of pain, but we will miss her so badly. The house will be empty without her.

I will let everyone know about funeral arrangements.

We will have a viewing for Emmalee on Monday October 5th from 6pm to 8pm at the Fruit Heights 6th ward chapel 901 S Mountain Rd in Fruit Heights. Her funeral will be at the same location on Tuesday October 6 at 1pm with a viewing prior to that from 11:30am to 12:30pm

Thank you all for your love, kindness, support, prayers and encouraging words. We truly feel the prayers of so many. Most of all thank you for your memories and thoughts of Emm, our beautiful little girl. Let her life be an example to us all.