Friday, April 13, 2012

Why are pediatric cancers the forgotten by our society? According to a Forbes Magazine article breast cancer got $584 million dollars for clinical trials, even AIDS got $254 million for research. Guess how much ALL pediatric cancers got? Only $26 million. AIDS is not even a cancer but the National Cancer Institute (NCI) gave $254 million for research out of a finite bucket of money. Why???

Why are childhood cancers swept under the carpet? We hear in the news how the GSA spent millions on vacations and gifts for government employees over the years. These super pacs are spending millions on silly TV adds to assure their candidate looks "electable". How many billions of dollars are being wasted on unneeded wars?

Pediatric cancers are the number one disease killer of our children and second only to accidents as the overall killer of our kids.

Am I mad about this? When I found out I was shocked and stunned of the neglect we are showing on this issue and our children. Is it just because there are no celebrity children who have cancer? Do we pay that much attention to issues just because a celebrity tells us to?

I am not a celebrity but a dad of a child who died from cancer. Maybe if we had paid more attention to pediatric cancers she would be alive right now. Why are we not shouting this from the roof tops?????

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