Tuesday, August 03, 2010

This is an e-mail I received from a boy in Australia who came across her video on YouTube.

"I'm still trying to spread the word about your book. I really hope you don't think im some crazy stalker person because i send you all these emails. It's just, your daughter filled a huge gap in my life (which may seem weird since im only 18) now i am so grateful for everything i have and do in life i cant even imagine how i could possibly ever thank her for that. I have to admit I've ever actually seen a child with cancer before, i have stated at Childhood Cancer Support but there has been a virus going around the hospital so the kids have been quarantined. however i had to take something up to one of their houses and the mother was holding her 2 year old daughter who was bald from chemo and had a tube in her nose. it completely broke my heart. Childhood Cancer Support is a place near the children's hospital that consists of 10 houses and the children and their families stay there for free while they are being treated and its not funded by the government, we have to fund-raise to keep it going. do you have anything like this in the US? im also giving white blood and platlets every two weeks now, it takes an hour and a half because they take quite a bit but it goes directly to cancer patients. any ways again i have Emm to thank for inspiring me to help others, and i wanted you to know that even though she is an angel she has helped me in ways i never thought anyone could, i like to think that someday i will get to meet her and give her a great big thank you."


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